Catinca Iftime

Complex legal questions require comprehensive solutions. In order to provide comprehensive solutions a horizontal and vertical structure is needed. The horizontal represents the knowledge and experience, while the vertical is characterized by strong visions and values.”

Catinca Iftime | Liance Legal

During her LLB, Catinca studied Law and French and continued her master studies in Public International Law at University of Amsterdam. As a problem solver by nature, she is dedicated to help individuals and entities find solutions to address various legal questions.

As an In-house Junior Legal Counsel within Liance Legal, she is looking forward to take a deeper dive into the realms of international contracting and corporate law. Due to her studies abroad, Catinca approaches legal question from a multi-disciplinary lens which incorporates her creativity as well. This multi-disciplinary lens allows for comprehensive legal solutions as law does not operate in a vacuum. Catinca have been grateful for a number of opportunities to develop her legal mindset and practical skills through university projects and internships.

Business sectors

  • Commercial

  • Corporate

  • Healthcare


  • Contract law

  • International law

  • EU law

  • Human rights law

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Catinca Iftime | Liance Legal

Catinca Iftime