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Peter is a practical lawyer who works in both private and government sector and is specialised in privacy, intellectual property and IT law. As an interim lawyer, he has worked at government institutions such as municipalities, universities and the national government, as well as within large international companies. Due to his practical attitude, Peter is able to translate legal matters into practice and to take different organisational interests into account. Peter excels in analysing complex cases and translating them into practical legal solutions.

In recent years, Peter has gained a lot of experience within the health sector and has worked as an interim lawyer at big pharma companies and university medical centers. Peter has the ability to think along in strategical and in legal terms and advises directly to the executive board of universities, foundations and other organisations.

In addition to being a qualified lawyer, Peter is a certified Privacy Professional (CIPP/E) and in that capacity he has experience as a DPO and in setting up privacy policies and conducting DPIAs and Privacy Audits.

Business sectors

  • Commercial

  • Government

  • Healthcare


  • Contract law

  • Corporate law

  • IT law

  • Legal management

  • Privacy law

  • Risk management

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