Medical research is a complex field which has seen an steady increase of regulation the last couple of decades. This requires institutions and researchers to spend considerable time and resources on matters that take time away from the research itself, further creating delays in a sector already under pressure.

For several of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands, Liance assists with the drafting, reviewing and negotiations of agreements related to medical research. This include the international transfer of human materials and data, as well as laboratory services and the agreement governing the clinical trials itself.

Our years of experience ensure that we can do our work efficient and effectively, while making sure the institution and researcher are covered in term of liability and retain valuable intellectual property for future research.

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We are a legal advisory firm seasoned in the legal aspects of international business. Hiring Liance means making legal work for you.

“Society expects organisations to have an ethical conscience. So let’s create a dialogue with your stakeholders.”

Jelle Terpstra

Founding Partner at Liance Legal

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