For an international joint venture, Liance supplies a broad range of legal services. As their General Counsel we join the C-level in  strategic thinking and advice to the Board of Directors. More operationally, we negotiate contracts, set up and adapt templates, and oversee legal compliance. We train the sales team on competition and privacy law aspects and explain the Dutch law to a group of Swedish, German, Italian and Greek shareholders.

Our team at Liance is a diverse mix of age, experience and specialisms, with a solid background in international business and great affinity for the businesses we work for and the commercial interests that come with the job. We are able to look at legal risks from a wide perspective and tackle them in the most (cost)efficient way.

Let’s Make Legal
Work For You.

We are a legal advisory firm seasoned in the legal aspects of international business. Hiring Liance means making legal work for you.

“Society expects organisations to have an ethical conscience. So let’s create a dialogue with your stakeholders.”

Jelle Terpstra

Founding Partner at Liance Legal

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