With an ever growing world population, innovation in health care is necessity to be able to prove care to present and future generations. Like any sector, health care depends on start-ups to bring this innovation.

But the market entry in this field is high due to high start-ups costs and heavily regulatory requirements. It can takes years, and sometimes decades to reach that go to market point and all the while the burn rate of cash is high.

Needless to say, when it comes to health care innovations, time is of the essence. Regulatory hurdles need to be taken quickly but correctly and all the while the legal framework of the company is changing due to rapid growth.

To navigate these complex waters, Liance is the go-to partner. Our lawyers know how to strike a balance between the speed required to compete in this market, while on the other side making sure your organisation remains compliant. Liance helps several pharmaceutical companies and health care start-up and scale ups achieve the growth they need.

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We are a legal advisory firm seasoned in the legal aspects of international business. Hiring Liance means making legal work for you.

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