UPDATE: Pauline van Benthem joins Liance

Liance is delighted to announce that as per November 1st, Pauline van Benthem has joined Liance

For the past seven years Pauline has worked as Associate Legal Counsel for two organizations operating in the area of sustainability: NewForesight Consultancy b.v. and SCOPEinsight b.v..

“After a long career in private practice and as in-house lawyer, it was wonderful to gain experience in the field of sustainability which was brand new at the time. I found it very rewarding to advise SCOPEinsight in connection with its mission: access to finance for small and medium enterprises and professionalization of the agricultural sector in developing countries. Actually, every legal area was relevant to both these companies.”

Pauline was involved in negotiations on funding with the World Bank Group and the Clinton Health Access Initiative to name a few. One of here successes, was that she managed to secure the company’s Intellectual Property rights in the innovative tools which it had developed.

Pauline says that; “On top of this, it was very exciting to facilitate and help design initiatives like the Organic Cotton Accelerator which is now a foundation with a global reach.”

She finds it important to be connected with other lawyers who are committed to finding workable solutions for their clients and is thrilled to have found a team of highly motivated lawyers: Liance Legal.  

Pauline’s experience in the important field of sustainable development goals fits Liance Legal’s ambition to expand further into the field of sustainability. Pauline has a very strong background as a business lawyer which all of our clients can rely on. 





Press Release: Peter van Dort joins Liance Caribbean and Liance Law Firm Amsterdam opens

Liance is delighted to announce that Peter van Dort will join Liance Caribbean as a partner and will, together with other Liance Caribbean partners Wiek Herben and Robin Kooy, open Liance Law Firm Caribbean, both officially as of February 1, 2019.

 Liance Law Firm is a new and modern law firm in Curacao, providing tailor-made solutions for a variety of clients. Liance Law Firm is personal, has a pragmatic approach and a focus on commercial contracts, corporate law, real estate & lease, financial law, insurance law, employment law, intellectual property law, competition law and dispute resolution. It also acts as a gateway to South American business.

 Later this year, Liance Law Firm Amsterdam will open its doors as well, which will mean that Liance Netherlands will be able to truly offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ service to all of its clients. Jelle Terpstra commented: “The opening of Liance Law Firm Amsterdam later this year (date to be confirmed) will mean that we, in addition to offering the full range of legal services Liance clients are familiar with, will also offer litigation services where needed so that we no longer need to partner with external law firms. Together, we will offer next generation services within the entire legal spectrum through our highly dedicated and experienced company lawyers, consultants and attorneys at law.

 More news about the launch of Liance Law Firm Amsterdam later this year will follow soon. Keep an eye on our website www.liance.legal or the website of Liance Law Firm www.liance.law.

Liance was established in 2016 by a group of legal professionals with the ambition to combine (strategic) international company legal services with legal management consultancy. Liance continues to strive to grow and to provide its clients with the practical and high-quality outsourced legal services they deserve and are familiar with. Offering legal services which evolve from risk mitigation to value creation continues to drive all our actions.


For more information about Liance contact us at +5999 844 0062

Press Release: Liance opens new office in Curacao

Liance is delighted to announce that it has opened a new office in Curacao as of March 2018.

The new branche office will be led by Liance partner Robin Kooy and new Liance partner Wiek Herben, who will continue his already existing legal practice under the Liance label.

Robin Kooy commented: “with European companies being more and more active in both the Caribbean and South America, setting up an office in Curacao seemed like a logical choice as Curacao acts as a hub for companies operating in both regions due to its stable economy and legal system. With the new office, we can better meet the needs of our clients which are active in these markets”

Wiek Herben, based in Curacao as a company lawyer and attorney at law since 2010, adds: “the services that Liance provides in respect to legal management consultancy and legal IT solutions are unique for the region and will greatly increase our capability and capacity to service our existing clients and new clients. ”

Liance was established by a group of legal professionals with the ambition to combine (strategic) legal services with legal management consultancy. In the upcoming years Liance strives to grow both nationally and internationally by expanding its network and engaging in partnerships with other business-minded service providers such as  international (tax) law firms, IT companies and financial advisors. This will enable Liance to not only service its clients better, but to further advance its goal as well: to turn legal affairs into strategic value


For more information about Liance visit our website www.liance.legal or contact us at +5999 844 0062

Persbericht: Uitbreiding Liance Legal

Amsterdam, 12 september 2017 – Liance Legal breidt uit! Sjoerd van Kesteren (van Weagree) is als legal counsel toegetreden en Jacobien Viets (voorheen KLM en Philips) als partner.

Liance Legal is een coöperatieve partnership voor zakelijke juridische dienstverlening. De dienstverlening is volledig op de business van de ondernemer afgestemd, door juristen die zelf ondernemer zijn en die zijn grootgebracht in de internationale management teams van grote ondernemingen.

Liance Legal telt nu acht bedrijfsjuristen gespecialiseerd in nationaal en internationaal, juridisch en strategisch advies voor ondernemers, zowel operationeel als op board room niveau De coöperatie, opgericht in 2016, biedt bedrijven een outsourced legal department en onderscheidt zich ook door haar focus op legal management.

Liance Legal werkt voor bedrijven in iedere fase van hun groei: van start-ups en scale-ups, MKB tot internationale bedrijven. Vaste opdrachtgevers bevinden zich vaak in high-tech en electronica industrie, maar eveneens in de gezondheids- en non-profit sector. Liance Legal is werkzaam vanuit Amsterdam, Utrecht en Eindhoven/’s-Hertogenbosch.

De Liance Academy biedt juristen en niet-juristen trainingen aan op het gebied van legal management en juridische onderwerpen die sterk in ontwikkeling zijn, zoals verantwoord ondernemen.

Voor meer informatie kijk op de vernieuwde website www.liance.legal

Download hier het originele persbericht (MS Word)
Download hier afbeelding (screenshot nieuwe website, 292 KB)

Press Release: Liance introduces next generation legal services

Amsterdam, 11 July 2016 – At the beginning of this year, Liance was established by a group of legal professionals with the ambition to combine (strategic) legal services with legal management consultancy. Together, Bernadette van Leeuwen, Jelle Terpstra, Latifa Barou, Lisette Hendrikse, Paola Vonk and Robin Kooy are driven to provide clients with next generation legal services.

In a rapidly changing, transparent and disruptive society, companies know that it is crucial to proactively manage their legal affairs. However, this comes at a cost: managing legal affairs often feels like a burden hampering business processes. Being a cooperative partnership of experienced international business lawyers, attorneys and consultants, the lawyers at Liance know what makes a business work, both at home and across borders.

By offering a range of services such as (strategic) legal advice and its implementation in your organization, legal project management, IT solutions and legal process outsourcing, Liance can provide clients with a completely outsourced legal department or with ad-hoc business proof advice; whichever your business needs. Not only are legal matters addressed and managed, Liance seeks to improve the legal function within the organization by providing legal management advice on a strategic level. So instead of working for her clients, Liance works with her clients and ideally becomes a long-term partner of their business, setting it apart from traditional legal service providers.

In the upcoming years Liance strives to grow both nationally and internationally by expanding her network and engaging in partnerships with other business-minded service providers such as  international (tax) law firms, IT companies and financial advisors. This will enable Liance to not only service her clients better but to further advance her goal: to turn legal affairs into strategic value.

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