“Businesses can save costs and time by consulting a competition law expert in time”

Ines Hijmans , Associate Partner


Ines is a lawyer specialized in European and Dutch competition law. She worked during 7 years at the former Netherlands competition authority (now called Authority for Consumers and Markets). Her responsibilities included conducting investigations from the first assessment of evidence until the final report included. This enabled her to quickly assess the risks a business may run of infringing competition laws.

 From early 2009 onwards, Ines has been providing competition law advice to businesses as an entrepreneur and as an interim legal counsel at multinationals and international law firms. Ines acts as a compliance officer in European competition law for several international businesses.

 Ines has excellent communication skills, is flexible and customer oriented. She provides practical solution-oriented advice.


Fields of expertise

Competition law / antitrust law, including:

      • cartels (price fixing and market sharing)
      • selective, exclusive and online distribution agreements
      • abuses of dominant positions
      • trade associations
      • compliance trainings and e-learning programs in competition law

Business sectors

trade and commerce (consumer products and retail)
 food & agriculture

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