At the beginning of this year, Liance was established by a group of legal professionals with the ambition to combine (strategic) legal services with legal management consultancy. Together, Bernadette van Leeuwen, Jelle Terpstra, Latifa Barou, Lisette Hendrikse, Paola Vonk and Robin Kooy are driven to provide clients with next generation legal services.

In a rapidly changing, transparent and disruptive society, companies know that it is crucial to proactively manage their legal affairs. However, this comes at a cost: managing legal affairs often feels like a burden hampering business processes. Being a cooperative partnership of experienced international business lawyers, attorneys and consultants, the lawyers at Liance know what makes a business work, both at home and across borders.

By offering a range of services such as (strategic) legal advice and its implementation in your organization, legal project management, IT solutions and legal process outsourcing, Liance can provide clients with a completely outsourced legal department or with ad-hoc business proof advice; whichever your business needs. Not only are legal matters addressed and managed, Liance seeks to improve the legal function within the organization by providing legal management advice on a strategic level. So instead of working for her clients, Liance works with her clients and ideally becomes a long-term partner of their business, setting it apart from traditional legal service providers.

In the upcoming years Liance strives to grow both nationally and internationally by expanding her network and engaging in partnerships with other business-minded service providers such as international (tax) law firms, IT companies and financial advisors. This will enable Liance to not only service her clients better but to further advance her goal: to turn legal affairs into strategic value.

Published On: July 11th, 2016 / Categories: Liance Legal /