The role of legal departments has changed substantially over time and demand from the business side combined with the changing landscape asks for a different approach to the legal function within organisations. The legal department is no longer solely responsible for reviewing agreements and providing legal advice. Internal and external stakeholders alike demand a broader view from in-house lawyers, which takes into account overall compliance and risk assessment, business strategy and organisational processes. Apart from that, legal departments are expected to run efficiently and incorporate technology by design.

Liance Legal helps general counsels and in-house lawyers navigate these new challenges, not only by providing advice on the structure of the legal department, but also by supplying hands-on solutions that will make sure that your legal department is ready for the future.

Legal Management Consultancy

Legal and strategic advice and coaching for boardrooms and legal departments around the set-up of your legal support.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Stop wasting valuable time on work that can be done by legal innovations. Automate your first draft contract, negotiate without sending Word documents back and forth, sign digitally and file your contract without losing track of terms, milestones and compliance.

Liance Academy
Grow Your Legal Skills

Recently started a career as a business lawyer or ready to update your legal skills? Our academy program will have you grow your academic and practical legal skills in no time.