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Liance is a cooperative partnership offering a diverse mix of legal talent. We are a hands-on team of general counsels, company lawyers and legal consultants with decades of experience working in international management teams. Our team delivers flexible legal support clients can rely on.

Legal communication / legal department optimisation / boardroom advice / procurement/ contracting / labor law/ privacy

Jelle Terpstra

Jelle is an active entrepreneur and experienced adviser in the legal field. He is founder and co-founder of several legal labels. Jelle is preparing his promotional research in procurement law and teaches on various themes at the Liance Academy.

Company law / legal project management / risk management / contract law / corporate law / international law

Robin Kooy

Robin is a broadly oriented business lawyer who has worked for both profit and non-profit organisations. Next to being a business lawyer in the Netherlands, Robin has also been admitted as an attorney of law to the Bar of Curacao.

International contracts / M&A / distribution, sales & marketing / competition law / strategic cooperations / sourcing / IP-ICT

Lisette Hendrikse

Lisette is a high energy and result driven General Counsel. Lisette specializes in supporting management in (international) business, often high-tech, often in the early phases, and often in multi-jurisdiction projects.

Company law / legal risk management / integrity risk and legal department optimization / Liance Academy

Bernadette van Leeuwen

Bernadette is a highly experienced company and corporate governance lawyer and the ‘go to’ partner for legal risk management and compliance issues. She combines her academic insights with a practical approach in her advisory work and in designing learning programmes for in house lawyers.

Privacy / IE / real estate / contract law

Bob Zomers

Bob is a passionate lawyer who excels in an environment where business and legal collide. He has advised several major international companies as an interim legal counsel.

M&A / joint ventures / (strategic) cooperations / commercial contracting / India

Jacobien Viets

Jacobien is an international oriented business and transactional lawyer. She has worked in the airline and travel industry and in high tech/lifestyle sectors and has over 20 years of wide ranged experience.

Company law / financial law / litigation / insurance law

Wiek Herben

Wiek is a seasoned company lawyer and attorney at law with years of experience in the financial sector.

Liance Academy: grow your legal skills

Liance is known for its legal academy for business lawyers. Whether you have recently started a career as a business lawyer or if you want to update your skills: our Academy program will have you grow your academic and practical legal skills in no time. Have a look at our program

Have a look at our program

Turning legal affairs into strategic value


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