Liance is delighted to announce that as per November 1st, Pauline van Benthem has joined Liance

For the past seven years Pauline has worked as Associate Legal Counsel for two organizations operating in the area of sustainability: NewForesight Consultancy b.v. and SCOPEinsight b.v..

“After a long career in private practice and as in-house lawyer, it was wonderful to gain experience in the field of sustainability which was brand new at the time. I found it very rewarding to advise SCOPEinsight in connection with its mission: access to finance for small and medium enterprises and professionalization of the agricultural sector in developing countries. Actually, every legal area was relevant to both these companies.”

Pauline was involved in negotiations on funding with the World Bank Group and the Clinton Health Access Initiative to name a few. One of here successes, was that she managed to secure the company’s Intellectual Property rights in the innovative tools which it had developed.

Pauline says that; “On top of this, it was very exciting to facilitate and help design initiatives like the Organic Cotton Accelerator which is now a foundation with a global reach.”

She finds it important to be connected with other lawyers who are committed to finding workable solutions for their clients and is thrilled to have found a team of highly motivated lawyers: Liance Legal.  

Pauline’s experience in the important field of sustainable development goals fits Liance Legal’s ambition to expand further into the field of sustainability. Pauline has a very strong background as a business lawyer which all of our clients can rely on. 





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