What we do

Liance is a legal advisory, management and consultancy firm. You can rely on our team of practical business lawyers to provide a legally sound and workable solution for your business.

The way forward

For start-ups, early-stage enterprises, SME’s and multinational corporations: we have the expertise and mentality to get your legal affairs going.

Whether you come across a legal issue that needs to be taken care of, need capacity support or if you are starting up your business and need guidance: our mentality is all about the way forward. Entrepreneurship is in our genes: it’s even the reason why our set-up is a cooperative partnership!

Which legal services does your company need?

Legal Management Consultancy

Legal and strategic advice and coaching for boardrooms and legal departments around the set-up of your legal support.

Contract lifecycle management

Stop wasting valuable time on work that can be done by legal innovations. Automate your first draft contract, negotiate without sending Word documents back and forth, sign digitally and file your contract without losing track of terms, milestones and compliancy.

Clinical Trial Support

A Healthcare organisation engaged in clinical trials? Let us help you mitigate the legal risk during the agreement negotiations.

Corporate housekeeping

Too busy providing the business with your legal support? Let us help you taking care of the unavoidable corporate housekeeping.

Tailor made Advisory

Legal advisory services in all areas of law relevant to business when off the shelf products just aren’t enough.


Whether you have recently started a career in corporate law or if you are a seasoned legal professional: our program will enable you to grow your academic or practical legal skills.

Privacy Support

Liance helps organizations to properly regulate and implement privacy legislation. We advise our clients how to assess data flows and provide assistance in case of data-breaches.

Model contracts

Are you looking for a specific model contract? Do you want to have your model contracts checked or upgraded? We will provide you with the best business-driven models to avoid any unnecessary negotiations.

Outsourced Legal Department

Need us on location? We provide you with your own legal team, connected with your business on a flexible basis.

Mergers & Acquisition

From the first idea of a M&A transaction to closing the deal, we can support you along the way in any way.

Start-up package

Every start-up is different so you need a personalised package of legal help allowing you to focus on improving and growing your business. Securely validating or protecting your idea, enrolling to a start-up program, legally setting up your business, bringing your product or service to the market, attracting investments or preparing your exit… we know how to help you best with what you need the most.

Missing something you need?

Our services reach further through our valued network. Let us know what else you need and we will find the perfect match. Direct call +31 85 024 00 00 or send an e-mail:

You will receive a reply within 24 hours.

Liance Academy: grow your legal skills

Liance is known for its legal academy for business lawyers. Whether you have recently started a career as a business lawyer or if you want to update your skills: our Academy program will have you grow your academic and practical legal skills in no time. Have a look at our program

Have a look at our program

Turning legal affairs into strategic value


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